Xplicit was born in 1981 and grew up in Athens. He is a songwriter and performer of “Stixoima”. “Stoixima” were pulled together in the beginning of 1999 in Athens. The have 4 discographical projects.
“I ptosi ton aggelon” - 2003
“4eis Daimones” - 2004
“Geraki sto xoma” - 2006
“Mhxanes” - 2012


Panagiotis Vasileiou

Panagiotis Vasileiou was born in 1990 in Athens, grew up in Chalkida, studied drama and works as a director, actor and writer & poet in Athens. Since 2010 that finished his studies till today, he has been part of more than ten theatrical productions most of which are written or directed by him. He has directed music video clips and an online horror series (VIGIL) and also plays in it. The spring of 2017 got his first poetic collection published and presented it in Athens, Chalkida and Thessaloniki.

At the conference

“The theatricality of a verse”