Vasilis Valandreas

Vasilis Valandreas was born in Thessaloniki, in 1967. He has a bachelor’s degree of Chemistry, a master’s degree of Business Administration and he has been working in the Informatics field for the last 25 years. His first encounter with Silva’s method was on 1999. After that, he entered the path of meditation and energy therapy (Reiki, Dasira Narada, etc.). He learnt Gururaj Amanda Yogi’s teaching after he joined FISU in 2010, initially as a student and then as a meditation teacher. He created “Meditation LifeLab” combining his studies in Chemistry and his multiannual career in Informatics. “Meditation LifeLab” is an innovative and effective method that conjoins conventional meditation techniques with modern neuroscience, biology and quantum mechanics in order to achieve less stress, improved well-being, inspiration and self-confidence. He first started the innovative action of giving free online meditation lessons in Greece, in 2017. More than 1000 people participate from Greece and all over the world.

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“When meditation meets technology”

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