George Mantzouranidis

Born in Athens in 1973, he lives in Thessaloniki since 1988. From 2003 until today he is in the field of advertising, officiating as a copywriter and concept developer in Fotone Advertising. Ideas, texts, and all their possible combinations. Cinema and the metaphysical are his two great loves. On the first (apart from the hundreds of films he has seen), he denotes himself for being a proud contributor of Nobody's Perfetc, a member of the Taratsa International Film Festival, and taking care of Movieing Underground evenings. On the second (apart from the dozens of books he has read and the paranormal getaways he has attempted) he is a member of the dot2dot urban tours group - with which he executes "Αυτός ,Αυτές και τα Μυστήρια" ; a tour with thematics on the mystical and metaphysical history of the city - and performs (similar) Mystery Nights in collaboration with Biscotto. In other news, he participated in the concept and texts of the KETHEA Ode in the Code, while his stories can also be found in the fantasy and mystery collections "Opposite Hemisphere" 3 & 4 of Gamecraft. And, of course, he supports on the script field all those friends who ask for it.